LATICE webinar : vegetation and carbon cycle

The first LATICE seminar this fall will be held on the 10th of September 2020 with three talks on vegetation modeling and the carbon cycle.

peatland, palsa, iskoras, vegetation

The Iskoras palsa mire (11 July 2019, time lapse camera)

Due to the COVID-19 precautionary measures, we will continue to host our regular LATICE seminars on Zoom. For this webinar, we will have the following talks:

  • Devaraju Narayanappa (CBA & MetOs)

Vegetation atmosphere interactions in earth system models

  • Frans-Jan Parmentier (MetOs & Lund Uni.)

Current and future research on the arctic carbon cycle

  • Lasse T. Keetz (NHM & MetOs)

Supervised classification of vegetation type distribution across Norway using SENTINEL-2 imagery and ancillary wall-to-wall spatial data

Dev is a new postdoctoral researcher working for the GreenBlue and EMERALD projects. He is going to present results from idealized large-scale deforestation simulations performed using coupled global climate models. The focus will be on global temperature change and monsoonal rainfall changes.

Frans-Jan is an associate professor at Lund University and a researcher at UiO. He will give us an update on his recent work in his various research projects.

Lasse is a doctoral researcher working for the LATICE-X project. He is going to talk about the background and ongoing work for his PhD project.


The seminar is open for all interested students and researchers.

Tags: LATICE, vegetation, land-atmosphere interactions, carbon cycle, vegetation type, satellite
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