LATICE presentations in the workshop on Event Drivers of Arctic Browning, UK

Presentations from the LATICE Research Group at the workshop on Event Drivers of Arctic Browning in 10th – 11th May, 2017, University of Sheffield, UK.

Land-ATmosphere Interactions in Cold Environments. Photo: LATICE

Land-ATmosphere Interactions in Cold Environments. Photo: LATICE

With increasing frequency of events causing damage to arctic vegetation, and an increasing appreciation of the diversity of different events that can cause browning, this workshop provides a timely opportunity for those working on arctic browning to discuss its drivers and subsequent consequences, and to prepare outputs and develop future collaborations.

Any type of events that cause browning will be focused, from climatic (e.g. extreme winter warming, frost-drought and icing), disturbance (e.g. tundra fire) and biological events (e.g. herbivore and pathogen outbreaks).

LATICE researchers will participate with:

Anders Bryn (oral):

  • Greening and browning: 100 years of tree- and forest line dynamics

Frans-Jan Parmentier (oral):

  • Strong reduction in the carbon uptake capacity of a subarctic peatland following an extreme winter eve

Frode Stordal (poster):

  • Effects of shrub cover changes on the near surface atmosphere in northern Fennoscandia: A model study


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