Network seminar on Terrestrial vegetation ecological climatology - Presentations

Presentations from the LATICE network seminar at The Natural History Museum (UiO) in Oslo 9/10 November 2016.

Land-ATmosphere Interactions in Cold Environments - LATICE. Photo: Anders Bryn, NHM

Land-ATmosphere Interactions in Cold Environments - LATICE. Photo: Anders Bryn, NHM

LATICE - Presentations from the network

There are several research communities in Norway working on issues that are relevant to interactions between terrestrial vegetation ecosystems and the climate system, but research and teaching in this field is somewhat scattered and fragmented. A particular challenge is that groups working on large scale climate models to a limited extent collaborate with those studying and observing ecosystems on a small scale. It is a clear need to strengthen coordination of these research communities, for the benefit of both research and teaching in the field.

A national seminar on terrestrial vegetation ecological climatology has been organized to start such a process. University of Oslo (UiO) researchers in the Department of Geosciences and the Natural History Museum are now well integrated in the focus area “Land Atmosphere Interactions in Cold Environments” (LATICE, supported by the MN Faculty, UiO). The network seminar is supported by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR).

Important note! All files or presentations are protected by password. If you want to request access to the files, please contact Anders Bryn.

Group A

1) Anders Bryn - Plans for a Climate Center at Natural History Museum

2) Ben Smith - Land-atmosphere interactions and feedbacks using regional and global Earth system modelling

3) Dag O. Hessen - Biogeochemical cycles and their role in the climate system

4) Frans-Jan W. Parmentier - Crossing Borders

5) Hanna Lee - Advancing permafrost carbon climate feedback -improvements and evaluations of the Norwegian Earth System Model with observations

6) Lena M. Tallaksen - LATICE - Land-Atmosphere Interactions in Cold Environments The role of Atmosphere – Biosphere – Cryosphere – Hydrosphere interactions in a rapidly changing climate

7) Sebastian Westermann, Hanna Lee - From the field to the models Research on the permafrost-carbon feedback in Oslo and Bergen

Group B

1) Anders Bryn - Projects / research-groups at Department of Biosciences (UiO) working with terrestrial vegetation climatological ecology

2) Dagrun Vikhamar Schuler - Climate research and impact studies at MET

3) Elisabeth J. Cooper - High Arctic plant and ecosystem responses to changes in snow cover

4) Francesco Cherubini - Research activities on ecosystems and climate

5) Hanna Lee - Terrestrial Sciences Research Activity and Future Strategies at Uni Research Climate

6) Heleen de Wit - Biogeochemical cycles. Terrestrial and aquatic linkages Climate feedbacks

7) Shaochun Huang, Kolbjørn Engeland - Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

8) Joachim Töpper - Terrestrial vegetation ecological climatology at UiB

9) Johan Asplund - Norwegian University of Life Sciences

10) Holger Lange, Ryan M. Bright - Terrestrial ecosystem research at NIBIO: Examples

11) Marianne T. Lund - CICERO’s research on forests and climate

12) Olav Skarpaas - Vegetation-climateresearchat NINA

Group C

1) Altug Ekici - Personal presentation

2) Francesca Jaroszynska - FunCaB - The role of Functional group interactions in mediating climate change impacts on the Carbon dynamics and Biodiversity of alpine ecosystems

3) Hui Tang - Dynamic vegetation-atmosphere modeling of the boreal zone

4) Johanne Rydsaa - Regional land-atmosphere modelling using WRF

5) Kristel van Zuijlen - FuncFinse - Functional traits across primary producer groups and their effects on decomposition in alpine ecosystems

6) Martin A. Mörsdorf - SnoEco-Climate change effects on nutrient conditions and phenology in high Arctic Svalbard

7) Peter Horvath - Ecological Climatology and Distribution Modelling

8) Robert Klöfkorn - The Open Porous Media Initiative

9) Ruben Erik Roos - Functional traits across primary producer groups and their effects on alpine arthropod communities

10) Siri V. Haugum - LandPress, Climate and land use changes in Norwegian coastal heathlands

11) Stephanie Eisner - Assessing the isolated and combined effects of climate change and forest management on terrestrial water fluxes

12) Yuanchao Fan - Modeling biophysical and biogeochemical processes in vulnerable ecosystems under global climate change, New researches on thawing permafrost landscapes in the Arctic


The Network seminar on terrestrial vegetation ecological climatology was helt ov. 9, 2016 11:30 AM - Nov. 10, 2016 01:00 PM, at the Natural History Museum, NHM

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