802.1x wired network

We support wired network connection through 802.1x. This page describes how to set it up on your computer.

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Computers must be set up and administered by the IT department to get direct access to the wired network at campus. Your private machine is likely not covered by this regime, or perhaps you want to run an operating systems that UiO doesn't support.

These machines can use WiFi to connect to the Internet, but sometimes it is desirable to use a cabled network — for speed, perhaps. The solution is to use IEEE 802.1x (or just .1x for short), which can be thought of as "WiFi on cable". You will need to authenticate with a UiO username and password to get network connection.

Unlike WiFi, you cannot use your Eduroam ID from your home institution with .1x

The network socket must be specially set up to use .1x. Contact us if this is desirable. Sockets set up for .1x cannot be used for ordinary UiO network. Some other limitations may apply.

The rest of this document assumes your computer is plugged in to an .1x-activated network socket.


To set up 801.1x on Linux, open your Network Preferences. It will be a bit different from one Linux distribution and version to another how you do this and how it looks. This guide and the pictures was based on Ubuntu 16.04 (Gnome version).

Select your wired connection, and make sure the connection is ON. Click the little gear to specify the settings:

Select Security in the meny, and set 802.1x ON. Set the fields as shown, and type in your username in the appropriate field. We recommend not typing your password here, but rather check the box "Ask for this password every time".

Note: In some versions on Network Manager you must check a box for "No certificate required"

Click Apply, and you should be prompted for your password. After a few seconds, you should be connected. Try to visit some random web page to verify your connection.


The procedure on MacOS is very similar to the Linux procedure shown above. Try it out, maybe we'll get around to writing Mac-specific instructions later.


Windows7 : Follow this guide. It was made for the student dormitories, but should work fine at our department too.

(Windows 10: t.b.c)


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