About your account

Your account is your common key to all University IT Services.

Owning a University account, requires that you are familiar with the Rules for the Use of IT Services at the University of Oslo:


Some handy information:

  •  Keep your password a secret! NEVER share your password.
  • Email may be read on the web. The web-client also contains your calendar. You can also set up your mail and calendar with the following programs:
  • Wifi access is primarily aquired by the SSID "Eduroam" at the University, most airports in Norway and at other Eduroam sites in Norway and abroad. Log in with your_username@uio.no to ensure wide access at all sites. See our Wifi page for more information.
  • Your Home directory can be accessed through both Windows and Linux.
    • You can use M: (Windows) and $HOME (or ~)(Linux) to interchange files and documents between different systems. This is a good alternative to external services like Dropbox and others outside Norwegian jurisdiction.
    • WinSCP and WebDrive towards the machine "login.uio.no" will transfer files both ways.
    • In your home directory a subdirectory "www_docs" will place files on the web (internet). The URL is http://folk.uio.no/your_username 
      • NB! If you place files there from Windows, you will need to give access/open the files for reading by everyone:
Start Putty to the machine login.uio.no
(If you haven't Putty open a ssh connection on the web)
run /site/bin/legg-paa-web.sh​ there


Published Jan. 16, 2015 10:11 AM - Last modified Feb. 24, 2020 1:47 PM