E-mail lists

Check which lists exist on the lists page of our department. Here you will also see which lists you  subscribe to. Unless a person doesn't have a UiO account, we insist that the UiO e-mail account is the address on the UiO list.

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When to use which e-mail list

  • Every group of employees has a separate list. E.g. ansatte-vit@geo..., stipendiater@geo..., ansatte-adm@geo...
  • Several lists are simply merged lists of sub-lists. E.g. ansatte@geo is the "all employees" list at the Department, and alle@geo is the "all employees and student" list at the Department.
  • Most lists have several moderators. Their job is to ensure that no spam makes it through to the members of the list.
  • Please send e-mails directly to the list, not to one of the moderators. The more people who receive the e-mail, the faster it will be processed.

List structure

  • alle. Empty list, containin these sub-lists:
    • ansatte
    • studenter
    • ans-emeriti
    • all-others

The student-*-lists and stipendiater is governed by the study administration.
The other lists mentioned here are governed by the administration.

By Arnstein Orten, Kjell Andresen
Published Feb. 8, 2011 12:00 PM - Last modified Feb. 24, 2020 1:59 PM