Policy regarding purchase of machines

  • The department supplies all employees with a standard computer. What exactly is "standard" will depend on the purchases we can make at any given time.
  • We provide a choice of 2 models: laptop or stationary machine. Machines are delivered with two 24" monitors (or one 27" monitor), external keyboard and mouse. A Laptop comes with a docking station, a stationary machine gets a graphic card. We expect these machines to last about 4 years, or — for PhD students etc. — for the duration of your contract.
    Persons working on an hourly basis only get one 24" monitor. 
  • If you would like something else than these models, you may use project financing to finance it. However, the department will not add its money to yours.

The are reasons for this last policy:

  • Responsibility for the machine is unclear. For instance, if the machine is damaged or lost, who should pay for repairs or a replacement machine?
  • We spend a lot of time specifying alternative laptop models, not unusually several hours per purchase, and gains for the individual and the department are small.
  • There are gains to standardizing models.

The department provides server resources (windows and linux) tightly coupled to our storage solution and most work will easier be handled there than at individual laptops. For large jobs we have national resources within high performance computing and other areas. We are happy to help you get started with either. 

Exceptions to the above must be approved by the department leadership (Head of Administration or Department Head).

By Arnstein Orten
Published Feb. 10, 2016 1:10 PM - Last modified Sep. 2, 2020 1:25 PM