Nobel laureate Arieh Warshel honorary doctor at UiT

Nobel laureate in chemistry, Prof. Arieh Warshel from the University of Southern California (USA), is a new honorary doctor at the University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway.

Prof. Arieh Warshel (Picture: Tomasz Wesolowski, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Arieh Warshel (77), is an Israeli-American chemist and biochemist. Together with Martin Karplus and Michael Levitt, Warshel was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry for "the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems."

Prof. Warshel is one of the most prominent researchers in the field of computational methods for studies of chemical and biological systems. These are methods that are much used and further developed at the Hylleraas Centre, a Norwegian Centre of Excellence. Prof. Warshel has over the years been a strong supporter of the Hylleraas Center at UiT, and have visited UiT on multiple occasions, both as a lecturer and as an opponent at PhD defences. He was also the 2015 Almlöf-Gropen lecturer.

Published Apr. 10, 2018 12:28 PM - Last modified Apr. 11, 2018 9:39 AM