Dalton and LSDalton with first release as open source projects

Dalton and LSDalton had their first official release since they became OpenSource programs.

Two programs that are essential to the work conducted at the Hylleraas Centre for Quantum Molecular Sciences are Dalton and LSDalton. Together with many researchers across Europe and the world, researchers at the Hylleraas Centre continue to develop and improve these programs. They feature a wide range of functionalities, ways of describing the electronic structure of molecules as well as sizes of molecular systems, but are perhaps unique in the wide range of higher-order molecular properties that can be addressed, key to the scientific goals of the Hylleraas Centre.

Both programs have since their inception been available for free to the scientific community, but this is the first official release of these program since they became Open Source programs a short time ago. The full set of new functionalities provided by this release can be found here, whereas the full set of functionalities available in these programs are described at the Dalton home page.

Published Nov. 21, 2018 7:37 AM - Last modified Nov. 21, 2018 7:37 AM