CAS alumni visit Hylleraas Centre

Ten fellows from the 2017–2018 project Molecules in Extreme Environments at the Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) visited the Hylleraas Centre November 17–22 2019.

The research group studying extreme environments

From left to right: Peter Schwerdtfeger, Dage Sundholm, Wim Klopper, Stella Stopkowicz, Lukas Pasteka, Trygve Helgaker, Andy Teale, Maria Dimitrova, Hans Joachim Werner, Trond saue and Jürgen Gauss

Photo: Elina Melteig

During the academic year 2017–2018, thirteen quantum chemists worked at the Centre for Advanced Study (CAS) at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters in Oslo, participating in the project Molecules in Extreme Environments, led by Hylleraas Director Trygve Helgaker. The work at CAS concerned a variety of themes such as the stability of molecules in strong magnetic fields, ionisation in a magnetic filed, molecular excitations and spectra in strong magnetic fields, closed-shell paramagnetism, density-functional theory in magnetic fields, confined electronic systems, melting in strong magnetic fields, magnetically induced currents, and quantum electromagnetism.


Ten of the CAS fellows came to the Hylleraas Centre in Oslo for a workshop November 18–22 2019, continuing collaboration started during the CAS project:  Dr. Maria Dimitrova (University of Helsinki, Finland), Prof. Jürgen Gauss (University of Mainz, Germany), Prof. Wim Klopper (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany), Dr. Lukas Pasteka (Comenius University, Slovakia), Trond Saue (University of Toulouse, France), Peter Schwerdtfeger (Massey University, New Zealand), Dr. Stella Stopkowicz (University of Mainz, Germany), Dage Sundholm (University of Helsinki, Finland), Asst. Prof. Andy Teale (University of Nottingham, UK), and Prof. Hans Joachim Werner (University of Stuttgart, Germany). The workshop was enjoyable and productive, leading to the submission of two manuscript and progress on other projects.




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