Four grants to Hylleraas members from the Research Council of Norway

Four grants awarded to members of the Hylleraas Centre by the Research Council of Norway in the 2020 FRIPRO call. 

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In the 2020 FRIPRO call of the Research Council of Norway, four projects led by Hylleraas members and one project led by an affiliate were funded — a record number for the centre.

Hylleraas PIs Odile Eisenstein and Michele Cascella were awarded 12 MNOK for the Researcher Project Revealing the Elusive World of Main-Group Organometallic Chemistry: An Adventure with Computational Chemistry. The project will be led by Cascella as PI and Eisenstein as co-PI, with team members Prof. Reidar Lund (Hylleraas Affiliate, UiO) and Prof. Eva Hevia (University of Bern, CH). 

Dr. Ainara Nova, a researcher at the Catalysis Section (UiO) and the Hyllleraas Centre, was awarded 12 MNOK for the Researcher Project MOF Based Single-Site COOperative Catalysis for CO2 Hydrogenation (CO2pCat). Team members on her project are Dr. David Balcells (Hylleraas), Dr. Evgeniy Redekop (UiO), Prof. Mats Tilset (Hylleraas Affiliate, UiO) and Prof. Unni Olsby (UiO).

Hylleraas deputy director Kenneth Ruud was awarded 12MNOK for the Reseacher Project EPR and Paramagnetic NMR of Solids from Relativistic Two- and Four-Component Density-Functional Theory with team members Dr. Michal Repisky (Hylleraas, UiT) and Prof. Martin Kaupp (Technical Universityi of Berlin, DE).

Dr. Lukas Konecny was awarded a FRIPRO Mobility Grant (3.5 MNOK) for the project Linear and Non-linear Response Properties and Spectroscopy of Solids from Relativistic TDDFT. (ProSpectS), allowing him to spend two years in the group of Prof. Angel Rubio at the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter in Hamburg, before returning for one year to the Hylleraas Centre at UiT.

Hylleraas Affiliate Ass. Prof. Reidar Lund (UiO) was awarded 9.2 MNOK for the Reseracher Project Assembling against Resistance: Antimicrobial Nanoparticles through Molecular Self-assembly (ANTISOFT). His team members are Alessia Battigelli (UiO), Michele Cascella (Hylleraas, UiO), Thereza Soares (Uni Sao Paolo, BR), Annelise Barron (Stanford Uni, US), Steven Wilson (UiO), Håvard Jenssen (Roskilde, DK), Emilia Sikorska (Uni Gdansk, PL),   Christophe Detrembleur (Uni Liége, BE).

Published Dec. 17, 2020 11:09 AM - Last modified Dec. 17, 2020 4:49 PM