Bastian Skjelstad defended his MSc

Hylleraas Member Bastian Skjelstad defended his MSc thesis on April 2, 2020

MSc Bastian Skjelstad

Bastian defended his thesis

‘A Computational Perspective on the Interplay Between Metal Dopant and Support in the Structure and Reactivity of Oxidized Cubanes'

for the MSc degree in Chemistry. The tribunal was composed by Profs. Vidar Jensen (external from UiB) and Stian Svelle (internal at UiO). The thesis was supervised by the Hylleraas members Dr. David Balcells (main supervisor) and Prof. Trygve Helgaker (co-supervisor).

Congratulations Bastian!

Published Apr. 2, 2020 3:42 PM - Last modified Apr. 2, 2020 3:45 PM