EU Resilience Grant to David Balcells

Hylleraas PI David Balcells has received a grant in the EU Horizon 2021 Resilience Call

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Dr. David Balcells

The HySTrAm project (Hydrogen Storage and Transport using Ammonia) has been granted in the EU Horizon 2021 Resilience Call. The project aims at building a demonstration plant for the sustainable production of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen. At the Hylleraas Centre, the HySTrAm project will support one postdoc working under the supervision of Dr. David Balcells. The research will focus on high-throughput virtual screening and machine-learning models of functionalized metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for hydrogen storage.

HySTrAm involves a large consortium with multiple partners from academia and industry, from twelve different European countries. The project has a strong multidisciplinary character, requiring expertise in such diverse fields as catalysis, materials science, chemical engineering, electrochemistry, and artificial intelligence.

Published Dec. 22, 2021 10:55 AM - Last modified Dec. 22, 2021 10:55 AM