Dr. Fabian Faulstich wins the Longuet-Higgins Early Career Researcher Prize 2019

Former Hylleraas member Dr. Fabian M. Faulstich is the winner of the Longuet-Higgins Early Career Researcher Prize 2019 for work carried out at the Hylleraas Centre.

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Fabian was awarded the Longuet-Higgins Prize by the editors of Molecular Physics "for his excellent work on ‘The coupled-cluster formalism - a mathematical perspective’ . This paper is significant in that it subjects coupled-cluster theory — the most successful method for the accurate description of dynamical electron correlation in quantum chemistry — to a rigorous mathematical analysis. A central problem studied is the uniqueness of truncated solutions in coupled-cluster theory. Moreover, the analysis is done with an eye to practicality and the establishment of an a posteriori error estimate for the of coupled-cluster theory. The work was carried out at the Hylleaas Centre together with Hylleraas member Andre Leastadius. It constitutes part of Fabian's PhD thesis, which he defended on 25th June 2020. 

The Longuet-Higgins Research Prize of $1,000 is awarded yearly by the editors of Molecular Physics to an early career researcher who has published in the journal within five years of being awarded their PhD. The winner is "judged to have made a significant contribution to a top quality paper which has been published in the journal the previous year".

Fabian Faulstich defended his PhD thesis "Mathematical Aspects of Coupled-Cluster Theory in Chemistry" at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, on 25th June 2020. He was supervised by Dr. Simen Kvaal and Dr, André Laestadius at the Hylleraas Centre. Fabian is now a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Lin Lin at the Department of Mathematics at UC Berkeley.

Molecular Physics has published a profile of Fabian here. More information is found on Fabian's homepage.

Congratulations to Fabian!

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