Molecular Response Properties Summer School 2020

Put on hold for more than 15 months due to the pandemic, the summer school on molecular response properties could finally be held October 4-8 2021.

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Participants and lecturers at the MRPSS 2021.

The summer school was organised in the new premises of Nordita, the Nordic Institute of Theoretical Physics, in Stockholm (Sweden). 40 students from across Europe participated and enjoyed a week of lectures and exercises by Prof. Patrick Norman (Royal School of Technology, Sweden), Prof. Trond Saue (Université de Toulouse 3) and Hylleraas PI Prof. Kenneth Ruud.

The school comprises comprehensive presentations of time-dependent response theory and electrodynamics. Response theory is explored in the time and frequency domains and with use of different quantum mechanical formulations. Electrodynamics is targeted towards an understanding of internal and external field interactions in/with molecular systems. More applied lectures cover presentations of linear and nonlinear optical properties, vibrational spectroscopies, UV/vis and X-ray absorption spectroscopies and birefringences, and magnetic resonance spectroscopies. The school covers the material of the lecturers monograph "Principles and Practices of Molecular Properties: Theory, Modeling and Simulations", which the students also receive a copy of when participating at the school.

Despite the school having been postponed by almost 1,5 years, all but a couple of the students were able to participate in the event.

Generous support from Nordita and the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC) is gratefully acknowledged.

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