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Procedure for transport of dangerous goods in elevators

Procedure for transport of dangerous goods, such as liquid nitrogen and radioactive waste, in elevators at IBV. 

The procedure shall ensure the safety of employees and students when transporting goods in our elevators.


All transport of dangerous goods inside KB-house is to be risk assessed. If the risk assessment concludes that it is not safe to be in the elevator together with the goods, e.g. larger amounts of liquid nitrogen, the transport of goods modein the elevators should be used.

Activating the goods transport mode in the elevators

The mode is available for elevators A only

The activation key is available at the "innkjøpskontor", U157. Remember to return the key after ended transport.

The transport mode is administered through the elevator panel. When the mode is activated the displays, both inside and outside the elevators, will be different.

In transport mode the text in the displays will change. Inside: Special drive (green arrow); outside: Sonderfahrt. (red arrow),
Elevator panel with activation key inserted (blue arrow).

The transport mode makes it possible to send goods in the elevators with it stopping for other users and without a person inside the elevator.


The leader is responsible for informing about this procedure and make sure it is followed.

User is responsible for following this procedure.


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