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HSE - Working environment at IBV

HSE a serious matter at Department of Biosciences. Working- and teaching environment are of great importance for people that work and studies at the department and is key for well being at work and creating a positive work environment.


Positive work environment is secured through involvement and human resource development. The Institute will also build on experience from completed work and learning environment studies in terms of sustainable prevention and work Environment.   

  • All work should follow UiO's overall objectives and adheres to adopted policies and procedures     
  • Students and employees have a fully sound learning and working environment, focusing on the prevention of unwanted events.
  • It builds a common HSE culture that helps the employees to experience the workplace as a healthy
  • Ensures that HSE work is being developed to meet the requirements of the law.

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Emergency numbers

Fire: 110
Police: 112
Ambulanse: 113 

Security Operation Center UiO: 22 85 66 66

All procedures that applies for IBV

Overview of all UiOs and local HSE procedures at the department




HSE – Work environment

General guidelines, common tools and procedures that will provide everyone working at UiO with a safe, sound working environment and form the basis for UiO's systematic HSE management.

Emergency plan

The University's central emergency preparedness plan describes actions and responsibilities in the case of incidents which require crisis management.

For students

Travelling as a student or UiO staff

All employees and students who are traveling must familiarise with UiO's rules for travelling: general travel advice, not related to the fieldwork itself.

Recycling system at MN