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Health and safety at IBV

At the Department of Biosciences we take health and safety seriously. A positive work environment is secured through involvement and human resource development.

IBV measures during the Corona virus pandemic

Here you will find important information about measures at IBV based on current infection pressure. 

Asbestos in Kristine Bonnevies hus

Updated information about the asbestos situation at IBV.

Health and safety goals

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  • All work should follow UiO's overall objectives and adheres to adopted policies and procedures     
  • Students and employees have a fully sound learning and working environment, focusing on prevention.
  • Common health and safety culture
  • Our health and safety work is constantly developed to meet new and changed regulations
  • All lab and field work should be risk assessed before work commences.


It is the UiO and IBV procedures that are the foundations on which we build our health and safety work, both in the lab and generally at IBV.

Risk assessments

All work involving chemicals, biological factors, noise, radiation sources, etc should be risk assessed in the form of an SOP.

New at IBV?

  • What do I need to know before starting working at IBV
  • Master students and employees must complete the form.
  • You are responsible to keeping your information up to date.