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Laboratories at IBV

When you are working in the lab it is important that you know the precautions related to chemicals and biological factors/GMOs, and that you have the necessary training.

General lab rules

  1. Only work alone in the lab between 07:00 – 18:00
  2. Remove lab coats and gloves when leaving the laboratory
  3. Remember to risk assess your lab work
  4. Use safety goggles when the risk assessment/SOP tells you to
  5. Preparedness boards can be found by the main elevators
  6. Wash your hands when leaving the lab
  7. Always react to alarms, i.e. fume hoods and fire
  8. Report about building related problems

Lab journal

The keeping of laboratory journals is mandatory in all experimental disciplines.
New lab journal for students and employees at IBV can be signed out at the Purchasing office, U157.

UiO's Procedure for safe work

All IBV procedures describing laboratory work is written based on the UiO Procedure for safe work, that regulates laboratory work on an executive level.