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Procedures with risk assessment and plan for waste disposal (SOP)

When working with chemicals, hot work, biological agents, genetically modified microorganisms, factors harmful to reproduction, noise, mechanical vibration and/or radiation sources a risk assessment should be performed.

At IBV all scientific and educational use of chemicals, biological agents (bacteria, virus, fungi etc), physical factors and radiation sources are described in our SOPs. In the SOP you'll find a written procedure with risk assessment and waste disposal routines.


Removing or replacing hazardous substances and processes is at the top of the list of measures to protect workers from work associated risks in connection with chemicals and biological factors. For cancerous, mutagenic substances, or reprotoxic chemicals the subsitution is important. The provisions to substitute these chemicals are govern by the Norwegian regulation (FOR-2001-04-30-443 Forskrift om vern mot eksponering for kjemikalier på arbeidsplassen - kjemikalieforskriften).

Where do you find the risk assessments?

All SOP's are written in English and they can be found using the links below.
A search tool is also available; you can find all SOPs that contain certain words/CAS number, chemical name, bacteria strain etc.

Search in all SOP's

The SOP's are divided into:

P-SOP: Risk assessment of procedures

Procedures that describe a general method for e.g. DNA-isolation, use of various solution etc.

S-SOP: Risk assessment of solution recipes

Procedures that describe how to make various solution e.g. 1M HCl, 6% perchloric acid, 1M TRIS etc. This also includes new CLP-labelling of the produced solutions and dilutions.

I-SOP: Risk assessment of instrument use

Procedures that describe use of instruments; e.g. centrifuges.

K-SOP: Risk assessment of lab course procedures

These SOP's do not include the actual protocol, but include risk assessment for all risk aspects in each lab day practical, e.g chemicals, open flames etc.