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Academic interests

I work on the nutrition, ecology and genomics on the large basidiomycete genus Mycena (hettesopp). I circumnavigate the Scandinavian peninsula (and islands!) from Svalbard to Stavanger to get my hands on the good and most interesting samples and cultures, preferably from Arctic and subarctic environments.

Courses taught

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I am a mycologist whose main asset is the fascination by mushrooms/fungi that I developed early in my life. The basis of my professional work is a solid knowledge of fungi at the organism/species level that I combine with modern molecular genomics methods using full-genome DNA and RNA sequencing and amplicon sequencing, as well as other ecological methods such stable isotopes or growth experiments.

Awards and grants

  • Marie Curie H2020 Individual 2-year postdoc grant. Project name "Mycena".
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  • Postdoc, Evogene, University of Oslo
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Positions held

  • 2013-15: Postdoc, Statens Serum Institut (National health surveillance institute), Copenhagen
  • 2010-13: PhD student, Section of terrestrial ecology, Department of biology, University of Copenhagen


Håvard Kauserud, EVOGENE, University of Oslo

Francis Martin, INRA, Nancy

Erik A. Hobbie, UNH, Durham

Andy Taylor, James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen

Selected publications

Journal publications with peer-review:

Harder, C.B. and Aanen, D.K. (2009):”Unilateral nuclear migration in Basidiomycetes: Pheromone interaction, genomic conflicts and mating type reversion”. Fungal Biology Reviews 23 (1-2) pp. 48 – 54.


Harder, C.B, Læssøe, T., Kjøller, R. and Frøslev, T.G. (2010):”A comparison between ITS phylogenetic relationships and morphological species recognition within Mycena sect. Calodontes in Northern Europe".Mycological Progress 9, pp. 395-405.

Harder, C. B., Lodge, D. J., Petersen, R. H., Hughes, K. W., Blanco, J. C., Frøslev, T. G. and Læssøe, T. (2012): Amyloidity is not diagnostic for species in the Mycena pearsoniana complex (Mycena sectio Calodontes). Mycological Progress 11, pp. 725-32.

Harder, C.B, Læssøe, T., Frøslev, T.G, Ekelund, F., Rosendahl, S., and Kjøller, R. (2013):A three-gene phylogeny of the Mycena pura complex reveals 11 phylogenetic species and shows ITS to be unreliable for species identification. Fungal Biology 117(11), 764-75.

Harder, C.B, Karpov, S.A. and Ekelund, F. (2014): “Ultrastructure, molecular phylogeny and taxonomy of bicosoecids (Heterokonta) with new taxa descriptions Regin rotiferus gen. et sp. nov. and Otto terricolus gen. et sp. nov.” Protist, 165(2), 144-160.

Albers, C.N., Ellegaard-Jensen, L., Harder, C.B., Rosendahl, S., Knudsen,B.E., Ekelund, F., Aamand, J.(2015) :Groundwater chemistry determines the prokaryotic communty structure of waterworks sand filters. Environmental Science & Technology 49, 839-46.

Ekelund, F.; Harder, C. B.; Knudsen, B. E.; Aamand, J (2015). Aminobacter MSH1-mineralisation of BAM in Sand-Filters Depends on Biological Diversity. PLoS One 10 (6), e0128838.

Harder C.B., Rønn, R. Brejnrod A., Bass, D. al-Soud, A, and Ekelund, F. (2016).: Local diversity of heathland Cercozoa explored by in-depth sequencing. The ISME journal, doi:10.1038/ismej.2016.31.


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