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Phone +47 22857038
Mobile phone +47 47031602 +4747031602
Room 4409
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Academic Interests

My main research interests are within marine biology, marine biodiversity,  microalgal ecology and evolution, molecular systematics, and harmful algae.



For an overview of former and present projects click here.

Post docs

Luka Supraha. Project TaxMArc, Diversity, taxonomy and distribution of marine protists in a changing Arctic.

Sandra Gran Stadniczenko. Project PROMISE, Protist metabolome screening.

Jan Janouskovec. Project PROMISE, Protist metabolome screening.



Elisabeth Lundsør. Change in phytoplankton community structure in the inner Oslofjord during a century of sampling (main supervisor)

Karoline Saubrekka. Project Nansen legacy. (main supervisor)


Former PhD-students

Sandra Gran Stadniczenko. 2019. Diversity and community dynamics of small eukaryotes in changing seas (main supervisor)

Marit Bjorbækmo. Diversity of protist symbionts in the marine environment -unicellular eukaryotic symbionts in multicellular marine hosts (co-supervisor)

Luka Supraha. 2016. Phenotypic evolution and adaptive strategies in marine phytoplankton (Coccolithophores). (co-supervisor)

Anette Engesmo. 2016. Identification and quantification of ichthyotoxic flagellates. (co-supervisor)

Christopher Duffield. 2015. Responses of benthic foraminifera to organic matter: implications for the reconstruction of recent past environments. (co-supervisor)

Elianne Sirnæs Egge. 2014. Diversity and seasonal dynamics of haptophytes in the Skagerrak revealed by high-throughput sequencing. (main supervisor)

David A. Strand. 2013. Environmental DNA monitoring of the alien crayfish plague pathogen Aphanomyces astaci in freshwater systems - Sporulation dynamics, alternative hosts and improved management tools. (co-supervisor)

Birger Skjelbred. 2012. Toxicity, autecology and DNA content in the marine flagellate Pseudochattonella (Dictyochophyceae, Heterokonta). (co-supervisor)

Camilla Blikstad Halstvedt. 2008. Dynamics of freshwater cyanobacteria and their bioactive oligopeptides - role of abiotic environmental factors and population structure. (main supervisor)

Sigrid Haande. 2008. On the ecology, toxicology, and phylogeny of cyanobacteria in the Murchison Bay of Lake Victoria, Uganda. (co-supervisor)

Trine Ballestad Rounge. 2008. Evolution of non ribosomal gene clusters in PLanktothrix; genomic and population perspectives. (co-supervisor)

Ingvild Riisberg. 2008. Genetic characterization of the marine ichthyotoxic flagellate Pseudochattonella farcimen (Heterokonta) and phylogenetic relationships among heterokonts. (main supervisor)

Hege Vestheim. 2008. Anti-predation mechanisms and feeding in pelagic invertebrates. (co-supervisor)


Former post docs

Elianne Dunthorn Egge. Project MicroPolar, Processes and Players in Arctic Marine Pelagic Food Webs - Biogeochemistry, Environment and Climate Change.

Andreas Gerecht. Project PHYTOPOL, Phytoplankton size: climatic adaptation and long-term evolution.

Simon Dittami. Project MIDTAL, Microarray for the detection of toxic algae.

Shuhei Ota. Project BioMarKs, Biodiversity of marine eukaryotes.

Tags: Science and technology, Biology, Oceanography, Microbiology, Ecology, Biodiversity, Life sciences, Mikroalgae, Harmful algae, Marine biodiversity
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