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Visiting address EVOGENE Kristine Bonnevies hus Blindernveien 31 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Academic Interests

Systematics and phylogeny in Agaricales (gilled fungi), higher Basidiomycota. I am specially interested in the genus Cortinarius and related genera. Cortinarius is the largest genus of ectomycorrhizal basidiomycetes. More than 500 species are recorded in Norway, and more than 2000 species on the world scale. In boreal coniferous forests Cortinarius spp. takes about 70 % of the total basidiocarp biomass per year. They may therefore be of great importance for the trees in these forests. The various Cortinarius species occupy different ecological niches; in Norway from nemoral oak forest to medium arctic dwarf willow tundra. Some species are sensitive towards man made pollutions, other tolerant. They can therefore be used in monitoring the environment. A couple of species, i.e. Cortinarius rubellus and C. orellanus, contains the extremely toxic substance orellanine. Other Cortinarius species contain vividly coloured pigments, e.g. anthraquinones.

Ectomycorrhiza in boreal, coastal, and arctic-alpine ecosystems. Especially the basidiomycetous ectomycorrhiza formed by arctic-alpine plants as Salix herbacea, Salix polaris, Dryas octopetala, and Bistorta vivipara, or by the coastal Salix repens inhabiting sand dunes and heaths is of interest. Here very little have been done up to now, and we have only scanty information about the basidiomycetes building ectomycorrhiza with these plants.

Evolution in fungi both on a large scale, the Fungal kingdom, or on limited scale, as e.g. Cortinarius and other agarics. 


Higher education and employment history


  • 1974 Cand. real., UiO
  • 1984 Dr. philos, UiO

Previous academic positions:

  • 1995-d.d.   Professor, Department of biology, UiO
  • 1994-1995 Associate Professor of biology, Department of biology, UiO
  • 1988-1994 Researcher, Norwegian Institute of Nature Research (NINA)
  • 1987-1988 Associate Professor, Økoforsk (Norwegian Institute for Ecological Research)
  • 1982-1987 Project Leader for various environmental projects funded by Norwegian Ministry for Environmental Affairs
  • 1976-1982 Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Botanical Garden and Museum, UiO


  • 2008 “Formidlingsprisen” Department of Biology, UiO
  • 1999, 2003 & 2006. Winner of the Golden Piointer 2010. Award for lecturer of the year at the Department of Biology, awarded by the sutdents at the Department of Biology.
  • The Brage award, class for scientific litterature. For the book "Er det liv er det sopp", Landbruksforlaget (with Leif Ryvarden)
  • Sven Myrbergets memorial award Norwegian Institute of Nature Research NINA in 1993 (award for popularisation of science).
Tags: Mycology, Agarics, Mycorrhiza, Fungi phylogeny, Fungi ecology, Fungi chemotaxonomy, Arctic and alpine ecosystems, Costal ecosystems, Sand dunes
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