Reidun Sirevåg

Professor emerita

Academic Interests

I have an interest in the general biology of microorganisms.

I have always been interested in the physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology of various phototrophic bacteria. The recent years I have especially worked with proteins from phototrophic bacteria living at a high temperature in hot springs. I have also worked on more applied projects in industrial collaborations, to develop rapid molecular methods to detect bacteria in drinking water.



MBV3060- General microbiology

MBV4130- The biology of the prokaryotes


Employment history

Adjunct, Ris gymnas 1961-1966

Scientific assistant, UiO  1966-1972

Associate Professor, UiO 1977-1988

Professor of microbiology, UiO 1988-2009

General secretary of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters 2001-2009


Higher education

Cand.mag. natural sciences UiO, 1961

M.Sc. in microbiology from Vassar College, N.Y,  1968. Thesis about sporulation in Bacillus.

Dr. philos. UiO  1977. Thesis ”Carbon metabolism in Chlorobium thiosulfatophilum”.

Sabbatical at Harvard University, 1970/71

Sabbatical at UCSB, Santa Barbara, California 1986/87

Sabbatical at UCSB, Santa Barbara, California 2002



Member of the board of Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Syntethsis (CEES), UiO

Member of the board of the basic science programme VISTA (financed by Statoil in a collaboration with The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

Member of the prize committee for a good learning environment, UiO


Presently I collaborate with groups at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in a project concerning Legionella.


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