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During the past few decades innovation and entrepreneurship in science has been given more attention. At the Department of Biosciences we have several researchers that have become entrepreneurs at a high level.

Illustration: Innovation

The University of Oslo are encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. In order to do this, The University of Oslo has their own TTO (Technology Transfer Office), Inven2, that offer supervision and help to take patents and ideas to the next level.

The Department has several researchers that have started their own companies. The most known entrepreneur among us is Inger Sandlie, who got the UiO Innovation prize in 2011, and Inven2s Prize of Honour in 2014 for her innovation number 100.

Every year since inven2 was started in 2010, they have set a new record of number of ideas, patents and commersializations.

During the spring in 2016 all academical employees were invited to a "speed date" with Inven2 in order to present their work and possible commersial aspects of their research. We encourage all our researchers to contact Inven2 if they have a commersial idea.