Anne-Brit Kolstø Honorary Symposium & CIME International Winter Symposium

The School of Pharmacy and Centre for Integrative Microbial Evolution (CIME) invites you to the CIME International Winter Symposium held in conjunction with an honorary symposium for professor Anne-Brit Kolstø who retired from her position at the School of Pharmacy July 31st 2015. Please register for lunch by email to:


Hosted and sponsored by The School of Pharmacy and MicroNET/Centre for Integrative Microbial Evolution (CIME), University of Oslo




9.00-9.15            Welcome coffee


9.15-9.20            Welcome

                             Ole Andreas Økstad and Ida K. Hegna, School of Pharmacy, UiO


9.20-9.30            Introduction                   

                             Henrik Schultz, Head of Department, School of Pharmacy, UiO


9.30-10.15          Quorum sensing controls virulence, necrotrophism and

                           sporulation in Bacillus thuringiensis            

                             Didier Lereclus, INRA-Micalis, Paris, France


10.15-10.45       A genomic journey from Anthrax forensics to the

                          human microbiome

                             Jacques Ravel, Institute for Genome Sciences, University of

                             Maryland School of Medicine, USA


10.45-11.00       Coffee break


11.00-11.30       From monomorphic Bacillus anthracis - a Bacillus cereus clone -

                          to polymorphic Streptococcus pyogenes

                             Agnes Fouet, INSERM, Institut Cochin, Paris, France


11.30-12.00       Bacterial genetic diversity and disease control

                             Dominique Caugant, Norwegian Institute of Public Health


12.00-12.30       TBA

                             Mike Koomey, Department of Biosciences, UiO


12.30-13.00       Chimeric IStrons: molecular symbiosis between RNA and

                          DNA genetic elements

                             Nicolas J. Tourasse, INSERM, Université Bordeaux, France


13.00-14.15       Lunch


14.15-14.45       Learning from the embryo

                             Paula Murphy, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland


14.45-15.05       From complex bacteria to complex diseases and genetic


                             Kirsti Kvaløy, Norwegian University of Science and



15.05-15.25       Coffee break


15.25-15.40       Seeing the unseen

                             Ida K. Hegna, School of Pharmacy, UiO


15.40-16.00       Gram-positive biofilm regulation - sinners and messengers

                              Ole Andreas Økstad, School of Pharmacy, UiO


16.00-16.20       Mission possible           

                              Astrid Lægreid, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


16.20-16.50       Curiosity or focus?

                              Anne-Brit Kolstø, School of Pharmacy, UiO


16.50-17.00       Conclusion of symposium



Ole Andreas Økstad and Ida K. Hegna
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