List of WIPs fall 2014 - spring 2015

WIPs are organized every second Friday morning in room 4213, Kristine Bonnevies Hus (Biology building), and are seminars given by postdocs and PhD students, presenting their research projects. Coffee will be served!

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CIME WIPs seminar series, fall 2014 - spring 2015


Time: Fridays 08:45

Venue: room 4213, Biology Building (Kristine Bonnevies Hus)


Friday 17th October:    

W. Ryan Easterday: Disentangling anthrax transmission dynamics diversity within single anthrax infections in zebra in Etosha National Park, Namibia.


Friday 31st October:    

Eric de Muinck: Gut microbe interaction networks from longitudinal data


Friday 14th November:  

Aniko Vöros:  Bacillus cereus antibiotic stress responses and toxin secretion


Friday 28th November:  

Pernille Nilsson: Host resistance to plague and the Chinese experience


Friday 12th December:  

Jaqueline Hess: Horizontal transfer of carbohydrate metabolism genes into ectomycorrhizal Amanita fungi


Friday 6th February 2015 (please note: 9.00 start time):

Holly Elmore (Harvard University)Baker's Law in the Fungi: Clues to invasive potential in the A mating locus


Friday 13th March 2015:

Nabil Karah (Laboratory for Molecular Medicine Sweden / Umeå University): CRISPR-cas subtype I-F in Acinetobacter baumannii: Evolution and Utilization for Strain Subtyping


Friday 27th March 2015:

Frederico Fenaroli: The use of biodegradable nanoparticles against tuberculosis in zebrafish


Friday 08 May 2015

Elianne Egge and Bente EdvardsenDiversity, dynamics and biotic interactions in marine phytoplankton and virus communities revealed by high throughput sequencing


Friday 22 May 2015

Thomas Haverkamp: A genomic overview of hyperthermophilic, fermentative bacteria of the genus Thermosipho

By Ole Andreas Økstad
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