Electron microscopy (EM-Lab)

Electron microscopy can visualize the smallest structures in the cell.

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Photo: Jens Wohlmann, UiO.

Booking and prices

Prices: Prices from 1st January 2020 (pdf)

Booking: Please contact the facility manager or engineers.

Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Norbert Roos
Head Engineer: Jens Wohlmann
Head Engineer: Antje Hofgaard
Location: Blindernveien 31
0371 Oslo 



  • JEOL 1400plus TEM: 120 kV transmission electron microscope equipped with JEOL Ruby CCD camera (3296 x 2472 pixels) and an Oxford Instruments 65T X-ray detector.
  • JEOL 1400 TEM: 120 kV transmission electron microscope equipped with TVIPS F216 CCD camera and a Gatan cryo-holder.
  • Hitachi S4800 FEG SEM: Scanning electron microscope with field emission gun. The SEM is equipped with detectors for secondary electrons, backscatter electrons, transmitted electrons, and X-rays. In addition, is it possible to look at fully hydrated specimens by using the attached Gatan Alto 2500 cryo-stage system.

Sample preparation equipment:

  • Ultramicrotomes for room temperature sectioning (Reichert ultra cut S (2x) and Leica UCT)
  • Ultramicrotomes for cryo-sectioning (Leica UCT and FC7)  
  • Cressington 308R sputtercoater
  • JEOL JEC-530 auto carbon coater
  • BAL-TEC CPD 030 critical point dryer
  • BAL-TEC Balzers FSU 010 freeze substitution unit
  • BAL-TEC freeze fracture unit

Description of services:

The EM-Lab was established in 1966 as an electron microscopy laboratory for biology, later extended to molecular sciences and biomedicine. Today it is equipped with 3 electron microscopes (two transmission electron microscopes (TEM) and one scanning electron microscope (SEM)) and a wide range of preparation equipment covering most of the current preparation methods.

These include basic techniques such as conventional resin embedding and sectioning for TEM and standard preparation methods for SEM as well as advanced methods [JW1] like immuno-gold labelling for TEM and SEM, X-ray microanalysis (both on TEM and SEM), cryo-electron microscopy in TEM and SEM and electron tomography.

In addition to sample preparation and image acquisition, the EM-lab offers stereological strategies for the quantification of immunocytochemical labelling and morphometric analyses as well as visualisation approaches such as tomographic rendering to obtain 3D structural information [JW2] or mapping of large structures to directly link morphological information with ultrastructure.

Besides the full support (and training) of users in all aspects of project conception, realisation and analysis the EM-Lab is also involved in the development of electron microscopy methods to adapt to individual questions.

The personnel and equipment resources of the laboratory are available to all scientists at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. External users are welcome.

Together with other electron microscopy facilities (at different locations at OUS and the Faculty of Dentistry) we are a UiO core facility and cost centre.

The laboratory organizes an annual 4 week course in electron microscopy, MBV4110/9110, and more advanced courses according to demand. It also contributes to courses such as MBV4030.


Nanpoarticle (liposome extravasation from vasculature) 




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