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Zoom Seminar on Coronavirus and vaccine strategies

How can we make efficient vaccines against a newly emerging virus, and what can be learned from previous experiences? Invitation to an IBV Zoom Seminar on Coronavirus and vaccine strategies with Gunnveig Grødeland and Inger Sandlie.

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Zoom Seminar


Seminar video recording with permission from the speakers and those who participated in the discussion; - credits to the Science Library for help with video edit.

Seminar on Coronavirus and vaccine strategies

The present corona outbreak has highlighted that there is still much to learn in terms of pandemic prevention. How can we make efficient vaccines against a newly emerging virus, and what can be learned from previous experiences? We will also present some of the current knowledge about SARS-CoV-2, placed in a broader context of pandemic prevention. 

  • Gunnveig Grødeland; Research group leader, Department of Immunology, Institute of Clinical Medicine, UiO, and Oslo University Hospital
  • Inger Sandlie; Professor, Department of Biosciences, UiO.

About the seminarists:

Gunnveig Grødeland

Gunnveig Grødeland earned her doctoral degree in 2013 in the field of immunology and vaccine development. She was Fulbright Scholar at The Scripps Research Institute i San Diego in 2017. Gunnveig's research at UiO is within immunology and in particular development of new vaccines for influenza.

Inger Sandlie

Inger Sandlie earned her doctoral degree from the University of Bergen in 1981. After a postdoctoral period at Johns Hopkins University, US, she was researcher at the Norwegian Radium Hospital and she became faculty member of Department of Biology, UiO, in 1988. She is now professor at the Department of Biosciences. Inger’s research interest is on structure and function of antibodies and T-cell receptors, the specific detection molecules of the adaptive immune system. The purpose of the work is to engineer soluble T-cell receptors and antibodies for use in therapy and as research reagents. Inger holds 16 patents (granted and pending) and is cofounder of the companies Vaccibody and Nextera.


Seminar host: Rein Aasland, Head of Department

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