Teaching duties

If you have teaching duties, you have an extra year of contract in exchange for 1 year of teaching at UiO. If you don’t have teaching duties but want them, come talk to the PhD advisor about applying for one - it is possible to be awarded an extra year if the department is in need of teachers.

  • One full year of teaching is 1690 hours, so your goal is about 1600 hours.
    • Your target for every semester should be 200-250 hours.
  • Procedure for teaching:
    • You will be asked each semester which upcoming courses for the next semester you want to and/or are qualified to teach
    • These lists will be sent out to the professors in charge of the courses, who will contact you directly about teaching
    • We try to make sure that everyone with teaching duties is teaching every semester if possible, so if you are not contacted, please tell the PhD advisor so we can help find something for you.
  • Remember to keep track of your own hours!
    • The hours are reported by the professors in charge of each course after the semester’s end, but of course mistakes can be made, so make sure you know how much you have been teaching so we catch any mistakes.
    • Here is a handy spreadsheet which will help you keep track of your hours in an easy way, and total them up for you.
  • Field Trip Remuneration (Feltgodtgjørelse): If you have taught a course with field trips including an overnight stay, you are entitled to additional financial compensation of 755.60 NOK/day.
    • The deadline for this is three months after the field trip
    • To get the field trip remuneration you must:
      • Register the trip in the DFØ app/self-service portal, read more about this here (login needed).
      • Upload Attestation of Field Course. Fill in the dates, course code and have the course leader sign it.
    • The remuneration will be checked and approved by the Head of Office. 
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