DigiBrain: From genes to brain function in health and disease

Combining the insights and methods of neurophysiology, genetics, physics, mathematics and computer science to investigate the mechanisms underlying brain diseases. (project information)

Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN)

DigiBrain is one of the research projects from the Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN).  
The official DigiBrain pages are found here.

DigiBrain objectives

To establish a pipeline for linking genetic information (e.g., gene variants linked to Schizophrenia) to systems-level measures of brain behaviour (e.g., EEG) in order to understand the mechanisms underlying brain diseases. To do this, multiscale computational modeling and targeted experimental animal studies will be conducted at the levels of neuron, neural networks and systems.

DigiBrain will also collaborate with pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to explore new and innovative ways for drugs discovery by use of the multiscale computational model.

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DigiBrain is funded by the Research Council of Norway (Forskningsrådet) under the strategic initiative "Digital Life - Convergence for Innovation". Read more about this initiative here.

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