Participants in COAST-DOM: Effects of carbon source on contaminant accumulation in coastal ecosystems

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Katrine Borgå Professor +47 22859156 Ecotoxicology, Toxicology, Arctic, Polar, Aquatic ecology, trophic tracers, environmental contaminants, mechanistic modelling, multivariate statistics
Tom Andersen Professor +47 22854519 Limnology, Biogeochemistry, Biodiversity, Food webs, Ecosystem functioning, Ecological regime shifts, Ecological stoichiometry, Dymaical modelling, Biostatistics
Dag Olav Hessen Professor - Center for biogeochemistry in Anthropocene +47 22854553 +47 95037899 (mob)
Anders Ruus Professor II - Section for Aquatic Biology and Toxicology +47 98227786 (mob)
Sabrina Schultze PhD Research Fellow - Section for Aquatic Biology and Toxicology

Other participants

  • Amanda Poste (NIVA)
  • Øyvind Kaste (NIVA)
  • Rolf Vogt (Kjemisk institutt, UiO)