Infrastructure and core facilities at BMB

Proteomics Facility (Thiede)

The facility offers a range of different services within proteomics.

  • Consultation, feedback and sample delivery
  • Protein separation and staining
  • Protein digestion and sample clean-up
  • Peptide labelling and sample clean-up
  • Protein identification
  • Protein quantification (SILAC and IPTL)
  • MaxQuant and IsobariQ data analysis
  • Top-down analysis

Structural Biology Facilities node (Hersleth)

The UiO Structural Biology core facilities (PX-Oslo) provide service and advice regarding structural biology techniques. The facilities can assist in the whole process from construct design to structure determination. The core competence is in protein crystallography.

The facilities consists of groups at KI, OUS, NCMM and IBV. For more info see the PX-Oslo webpages.

At IBV (Hersleth) we have instrumentation for

  • Protein purification (FPLC)
  • Manual crystallisation
  • Single crystal spectroscopy
  • Solving and interpretation of protein structures
  • Data collection of diffraction data is performed at synchrotron facilities which PX-Oslo have regular access to



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