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Photo: Øystein H. Horgmo, UiO The Bakke group

The research group of Oddmund Bakke, studies the specific communication between the endosomal compartments. We focus on how endosomes “mature” and interact, and which sorting signals (or zip codes) molecules must contain in order to enter these intracellular compartments. We are part of the Centre for Immune Regulation (CIR). Therefore, we also seek to characterize the endocytic pathway in its capacity for antigen uptake, processing and presentation - instrumental events in the initiation and propagation of adaptive immune responses.

To study intracellular processes, our group specializes in live cell microscopy and employs standard molecular techniques. With this, we have managed to describe an intricate set of mechanisms that can specifically regulate the fate of important cell membrane receptors and we have provided the basis to better understand vaccination regimes for cancer vaccine therapies.

In addition, we work on the molecular regulatory mechanisms of intracellular transport and cytoskeleton dynamics, a study lead by Cinzia Progida.


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