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  • Aas, Anders Bjørnsgard; Andrew, Carrie Joy; Blaalid, Rakel; Vik, Unni; Kauserud, Håvard & Davey, Marie Louise (2019). Fine-scale diversity patterns in belowground microbial communities are consistent across kingdoms. FEMS Microbiology Ecology.  ISSN 0168-6496.  95(6), s 1- 11 . doi: 10.1093/femsec/fiz058 Vis sammendrag
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  • Andrew, Carrie Joy; Halvorsen, Rune; Heegaard, Einar; Kuyper, Thomas W.; Heilmann-Clausen, Jacob; Krisai-Greilhuber, Irmgard; Bässler, Claus; Egli, Simon; Gange, Alan C.; Høiland, Klaus; Kirk, Paul M.; Senn-Irlet, Beatrice; Boddy, Lynne; Büntgen, Ulf & Kauserud, Håvard (2018). Continental-scale macrofungal assemblage patterns correlate with climate, soil carbon and nitrogen deposition. Journal of Biogeography.  ISSN 0305-0270.  45(8), s 1942- 1953 . doi: 10.1111/jbi.13374 Vis sammendrag
  • Andrew, Carrie Joy; Heegaard, Einar; Gange, Alan C.; Senn-Irlet, Beatrice; Egli, Simon; Kirk, Paul M.; Büntgen, Ulf; Kauserud, Håvard & Boddy, Lynne (2018). Congruency in fungal phenology patterns across dataset sources and scales. Fungal ecology.  ISSN 1754-5048.  32, s 9- 17 . doi: 10.1016/j.funeco.2017.11.009 Vis sammendrag
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  • Andrew, Carrie Joy; Heegaard, Einar; Kirk, Paul M.; Bässler, Claus; Heilmann-Clausen, Jacob; Krisai-Greilhuber, Irmgard; Kuyper, Thomas W.; Senn-Irlet, Beatrice; Büntgen, Ulf; Diez, Jeffrey Michael; Egli, Simon; Gange, Alan C.; Halvorsen, Rune; Høiland, Klaus; Nordén, Jenni; Rustøen, Fredrik; Boddy, Lynne & Kauserud, Håvard (2017). Big data integration: Pan-European fungal species observations' assembly for addressing contemporary questions in ecology and global change biology. Fungal Biology Reviews.  ISSN 1749-4613.  31(2), s 88- 98 . doi: 10.1016/j.fbr.2017.01.001 Vis sammendrag
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  • Andrew, Carrie Joy; Heegaard, Einar; Halvorsen, Rune; Martinez-Pena, Fernando; Egli, Simon; Kirk, Paul M.; Bässler, Claus; Büntgen, Ulf; Aldea, Jorge; Høiland, Klaus; Boddy, Lynne & Kauserud, Håvard (2016). Climate impacts on fungal community and trait dynamics. Fungal ecology.  ISSN 1754-5048.  22, s 17- 25 . doi: 10.1016/j.funeco.2016.03.005
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  • Andrew, Carrie Joy & Lilleskov, Erik (2014). Elevated CO2 and O3 effects on ectomycorrhizal fungal root tip communities in consideration of a post-agricultural soil nutrient gradient legacy. Mycorrhiza.  ISSN 0940-6360.  24, s 581- 593 . doi: 10.1007/s00572-014-0577-4

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