Master and PhD students

Name Type Year Topic

Morten Rese

Master student 2021-2022 Myoglobin isoforms

Anne Kristine Rugtveit

Master student 2021-2021 Flavodoxin reductases

Sondov Åsmundson Braathen Dahlen

Master student 2021-2021 Flavodoxin reductases

Former Master and PhD students

Name Type Year Thesis title Today
Ingvild Gudim PhD student 2014-2018 "Characterisation of flavodoxins and ferredoxin/flavodoxin reductases from Bacillus cereus and their interactions" Researcher Gentian
Inger K. Olsbu PhD student 2006-2018 "Substrate recognition and redox partner identification in nitric oxide synthases"  
Marta Hammerstad

Master student

PhD student



"Biochemical and Structural Characterization of the Bacillus cereus Thioredoxin BC3987 Mutants"

"Structural and Functional Studies of Proteins in the Class Ib Ribonucleotide Reductase System"

Researcher UiO
Marie Lofstad

Master student

PhD student



"The nitric oxide synthase protein system in Bacillus cereus - From gene to 3D structure"

"Activation pathways of the class Ib ribonucleotide reductase in Bacillus cereus"

Teacher at Arendal vgs.
Silje Skråmo Master student 2011-2012 "Studies of Electron Transfer from Flavodoxin Reductase to NrdI in Bacillus cereus" Kikora og Årvoll skole
Susanne Monka Master student 2014-2015 "Structural and functional characterisation of ferredoxins in Bacillus cereus"  
Bernt Wu Master student 2014-2015 "Purification and characterization of Flavohemoglobin - A flavoheme enzyme"  
Marita Shoor Master student 2016-2017 "Structural and functional characterization of the redox protein Thioredoxin reductase from Bacillus cereus"  

Former Associated Master and PhD students (co-supervision)

Name Type Year Thesis title Today
Hedda Johannesen PhD student 2015-2020 "Unmasking the Assassin— A structural and functional analysis of the anti-tumour antibody 14F7: providing new insight into the NeuGc GM3 binding mechanism" Teacher at Lillestrøm vgs.