Luka Supraha

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Room 4415
Visiting address Kristine Bonnevies hus Blindernveien 31 0316 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Research interests

The aim of my research is to understand the adaptation of marine protists (phytoplankton) to the ongoing environmental changes and predict the ecological and biogeochemical effects of their evolutionary adaptation.

        My research is conducted through three main approaches: nutrient limitation and heat-stress experiments on single algal species, field studies on diversity and distribution of extant protist communities along the environmental gradients and the studies of long-term phytoplankton evolution in the fossil record. The common thread in my work is a high taxonomic resolution, which allows for a detailed insight into adaptive responses at strain-, species- and community level.

Current research

My current work at the Department of Biosciences (University of Oslo) is focused on investigating the diversity and distribution patterns of marine protists in the rapidly changing Arctic ecosystems. In my research, I combine morphology-based studies of protist diversity using state-of-the-art light and electron microscopy with molecular metabarcoding and single-cell PCR. Coupling the two approaches with the extensive cultivation and characterization of Arctic microalgae, I aim at bridging the gap between morphology and genetics and creating a taxonomical framework for detecting changes in the Arctic phytoplankton communities.


Find my complete list of publications here.


BIO4400 – Pelagic Ecology

BIO4320 – Systematics and Ecology of Marine Algae

BIO9381 – Harmful Algae and Algal Culturing




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