Miria Grisot

Associate Professor - Digitalisation
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Phone +47 22852409
Room 6165
Visiting address Institutt for informatikk Ole Johan Dahls Hus Gaustadalléen 23 D N-0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1080 0316 Oslo

Academic Interests

I am interested in understanding ICT-enabled processes of practice innovation and organisational change from a socio-technical perspective. I study technology through case study research using interpretive approaches and ethnographic methods; and theoretically I am interested in theories of technology, information infrastructures, institutional theory, and material semiotic approaches. I currently conduct research on the role of ICT in transforming information and communication practices in the healthcare context.


Higher education

I hold a PhD in Information Systems (2008), from the University of Oslo with a thesis titled: "Foregrounding heterogeneity: a performative approach to the coordination of distributed work and information infrastructures in use". In 2009 I have been a visiting reasercher at the School of Communication, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

Research Projects

I am currently affiliated with the C3 Centre for Connected Care 

Past Projects:

the InfraData project.


View all works in Cristin

View all works in Cristin

  • Carcani, Klaudia; Grisot, Miria & Holone, Harald (2020). Designing Personal Health Records for Cognitive Rehabilitation.
  • Grisot, Miria; Kempton, Alexander Moltubakk & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2019). Reshaping Boundaries in Digital Diagnostics.
  • Grisot, Miria & Lindroth, Tomas (2018). Digital infrastructures for patient centered care: examining two strategies for recombinability.
  • Aanestad, Margunn; Grisot, Miria; Hanseth, Ole & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2017). Introduction. In Aanestad, Margunn; Grisot, Miria; Hanseth, Ole & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (Ed.), Information Infrastructures within European Health Care: Working with the Installed Base. Springer. ISSN 978-3-319-51018-7. p. 1–7. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-51020-0_1 Full text in Research Archive
  • Grisot, Miria & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2015). Creating a national e-health infrastructure: the challenge of the installed base.
  • Aanestad, Margunn; Grisot, Miria & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2015). Personal Health Records as novel common Spaces: patients as integrators.
  • Grisot, Miria & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2015). Working for infrastructural extension: a study of a national eHealth project.
  • Aanestad, Margunn; Grisot, Miria; La Rocca, Antonella & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2015). Connected Care – creating patient-oriented digitally supported health services.
  • Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni; Aanestad, Margunn & Grisot, Miria (2015). Innovation in eHealth Infrastructures: Digitalisation Spirals.
  • Grisot, Miria; Aanestad, Margunn; Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni & Thorseng, Anne Asmyr (2014). To, with, for and about patients: four modes of IT enabled patient-centricity.
  • Thorseng, Anne Asmyr & Grisot, Miria (2014). Design as institutional work in ICT-based innovation for patient centric services in diabetes care.
  • Grisot, Miria; Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni & Aanestad, Margunn (2014). Innovation and emergence in infrastructure evolution: the case of Helsenorge.no and the Health Archive.
  • Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni; Grisot, Miria & Aanestad, Margunn (2014). Cultivating novelty in patient-healthcare provider communication: an effectuation perspective .
  • Aanestad, Margunn; Grisot, Miria & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2014). My Record - Between Infrastructures.
  • Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni & Grisot, Miria (2013). Exploring the concept of architecture in Technology and Organization studies.
  • Aanestad, Margunn; Grisot, Miria & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2013). Towards Patient-Centered Health Information Infrastructures: the Challenge of Disparate Components.
  • Grisot, Miria & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2013). Opportunities and challenges of introducing patient-oriented ICT solutions.
  • Grisot, Miria; Hanseth, Ole & Thorseng, Anne Asmyr (2012). Staying under the radar: innovation strategy in Information Infrastructures for health.
  • Grisot, Miria & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2012). Technology Innovation in the face of Uncertainty: the case of "My Health Record".
  • Thorseng, Anne Asmyr & Grisot, Miria (2012). Research directions for disease management systems.
  • Grisot, Miria; van der Velden, Maja & Vassilakopoulou, Polyxeni (2011). Institutionalizing Practices as Boundary Work: The case of MyHealthRecord.
  • Grisot, Miria (2010). Ordering logics of information practices: a case on heart transplants.
  • Grisot, Miria & Aanestad, Margunn (2010). Engagement in practice, engagement with practice: exploring multiplicity in complex infrastructural arrangements.
  • Grisot, Miria (2008). Multiple logics at work in information infrastructure in use: a case study on heart transplantation.
  • Aanestad, Margunn & Grisot, Miria (2006). Beyond the project? Challenging our conceptualisations of ICT-enabled change processes.
  • Aanestad, Margunn; Aarts, Jos; Gregory, Judith; Grisot, Miria & Jacucci, Edoardo (2004). Sociotechnical Theoretical Approaches to IT in Health Care (Panel).
  • Jacucci, Edoardo; Grisot, Miria & Hanseth, Ole (2004). "Fight Risk with Risk: Reflexivity of Risk and Globalization in Information Systems".
  • Grisot, Miria (2004). Integrating knowledge across disciplines: a case study from heart transplantation.
  • Jacucci, Edoardo; Grisot, Miria; Aanestad, Margunn & Hanseth, Ole (2003). Reflexive Standardization: interpreting side-effects and escalation in standard-making.
  • Grisot, Miria; Nilsson, Agneta & Mathiassen, Lars (2003). Imposed Configurations by Networked Technology.
  • Aanestad, Margunn; Mørk, Bjørn Erik; Grisot, Miria; Hanseth, Ole & Syversten, Carsten (2003). Knowledge as a barrier to learning: a case study from medical R&D.
  • Ciborra, Claudio; Cordella, Antonio & Grisot, Miria (2002). Distribute Knowledge Across Boundaries.
  • Nilsso, Agneta; Grisot, Miria & Aanestad, Margunn (2002). Electronic Patient Records - an Information Infrastructure for Health Care.
  • Grisot, Miria (2008). Foregrounding differences: a performative approach to the coordination of distributed work and information infrastructures in use. Unipub forlag.

View all works in Cristin

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