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Digital Innovation (DIN)

The research group aims at producing and disseminating new knowledge on digital transformation and its consequences for individuals, organizations, and societies. In so doing, a foundational component for our research is ‘engaged scholarship’ aiming at contributing to both academic research as well as solving problems for users and IT professionals.

About the group

In our research we aim at producing new theoretical understanding of the digitalization phenomena, for example regarding new digital services in public sector or how different platform owners compete, or the consequences of digitalization of work processes for employees. However, equally important, we aim at giving designers, developers, IT leaders, and Governments concrete and novel advice and solutions to guide their digitalization efforts.

We study the ongoing digital transformation based on our long-standing research on large-scale, complex interconnected information infrastructures. Our research, which we publish within the Information Systems research field, addresses both strategic and operational aspects of different development strategies, technological architectures and governance regimes, with a current specific focus on platforms.

The research group has an ambition of being one of the leading European research groups on digitalization and transformation, and a keen contributor in current national debates and international research communities.

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