Conversations around the notion of "public goods"

Researchers from anthropology,  development studies and information systems share their conceputal and emprecial insights on 'global public goods' 

The Institute of Health and Society (IHS) and Centre for Development and Environment (SUM ), are engaged in a research project on Universal Health Coverage and the Public Good in Africa.
Information Systems research group at IFI, is engaged with the design, development and implementation of DHIS2 as a digital pubic good.
There are thus three different perspectives on public goods - from the social sciences, public health and informatics . The aim of this dialogue between the three research groups is to share respective understandings of a public good, and identify potential collaborative efforts - theoretically and empirically.
We propose to structure this discussion over 45 minutes, including two 10-minute presentations from each research group, followed by a 45 minute open discussion.
Discussants from IFI:
1. Some conceptual perspectives on digital public goods - Sundeep Sahay
2. Thinking of DHIS2 as a public good - Johan Ivar Sæbø
Discussants from IHS
Universal health coverage and the concept of the public good
Ruth Prince and Thomas Neumark 
Published Feb. 4, 2021 10:30 PM - Last modified Feb. 4, 2021 10:30 PM