BioSys: Biological-Inspired Design of Systems for Complex Real-World Applications (completed)

Scientific summary

Evolvable hardware (EHW) is a method where electronic circuits (analogue as well as digital) are designed by an algorithm inspired from natural evolution. The results so far are promising but somewhat limited. Thus, in this project, several aspects of biological systems will be investigated together with a divide-and-conquer of the problem to solve. In this way, incremental approaches will be developed that can evolve hardware systems for complex real-world applications (image and signal processing). Previous research has shown that this is a promising approach. In this project, we would like to extend and further develop the approach and apply it for complex applications. With a tight focus on real-world applications, there will be large potential for applying the results in applicable products in the future.


Start date: 01.04.2004

End date: 02.09.2008

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