EPiCS: Engineering Proprioception in Computing Systems (completed)

The EPiCS project (2010 - 2014) is an Integrated Project (IP) funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n° 257906. EPiCS is one of five projects funded in the FET proactive initiative "Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems".

Our competence at UiO related to the project is within the area of adaptable systems, bio-inspired computing, machine learning and musicology explored by the fourMs lab . Our role in the consortium is to:

• Develop self-learning, self-organizing and adaptable systems through the application of bio-inspired computing and machine learning techniques. Exploiting self-awareness to anticipate changes in the environment is also included.

• Develop a mobile media system providing an active music experience (called active music) based on the listener’s motion and interaction with neighboring units. Humans can by active music interact with and explore/control a flexible musical composition.

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The media system is based on Apple iPod devices each controlled by human motion. A current implementation is based on a developed algorithm allowing one person at a time to control the rhythms of the music. Chords are controlled by tilting the iPods. Future work consists of extending the current algorithms to have more advanced control and interaction.

Read more about Engineering Proprioception in Computing Systems (EPiCS) in the official project web page.

Tags: kunstig intelligens, distribuerte systemer, Music, Biologically Inspired Computing., AI
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