Final evaluation of the master thesis.

The evaluation will be done before the presentation but will not be available before the presentation, as presentation could impact or adjust the final grade.

Guidelines for evaluating a Master thesis in Informatics. By evaluation,  the following should be taken into consideration:

  • The ability to focus on an area
  • The ability to handle the material independently
  • The ability to communicate and arrange the material, written presentation and the use of references and sources.
  • Originality, not necessarily that the results are worth publishing, but the ideas behind, cleverness, an unexpected elegance etc.

The grading-scale will be published here soon.

Failed thesis

If the thesis handed in along with the oral presentation is considered as failed, it can be handed in a new or revised edition, and re-presented.

This will be subject to a written agreement by the supervisor and external censor, stating that it seems likely to complete the revised copy within 6 weeks for a short thesis, and within 3 months for a long thesis. A new deadline will be presented in this process. A thesis handed the grade A-E cannot be re-submitted.


If the revised thesis is still considered as failed (or has not been handed in within the agreed deadline), the student will lose their admission to the program, and have to reapply to be able to receive a new subject. An application for approval of the theoretical curriculum also needs to be handed in again.

Exams for the courses of the theoretical curriculum needs to be completed before the final masters exam. A retry for one of the courses in this curriculum follows the regulations of the Faculty’s courses.

Retaking courses to improve the grades given AFTER the final grade of the master thesis is given, will not affect the grade of the thesis, but will be documented on a transcript of grades issued by the Faculty.


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