Writing your Master’s thesis

You agree on a subject for your thesis in cooperation with your supervisor.

The different programs at the Department of informatics offers options for writing a short or long thesis, or one of the above mentioned.

How to acquire a thesis

During the first semester you are expected to decide on the combination of theoretical curriculum and a supervisor. The second week of the Mastersweek should prepare you to start with the thesis. The project description and essay will be prepared during the second semester.

Long thesis

The duration of a long thesis (60 credits) will be distributed over three semesters, but you should start sometime during the second semester. The theoretical part of the master’s studies consists of 60 credits and can be distributed between the first three semesters. You can decide if you want a predefined thesis, or if you’d like to define the subject yourself, in collaboration with your supervisor. Several students can collaborate on one single thesis as well. A long master’s thesis should be submitted in print by the end of the 4th semester, and the deadlines are:

  Deadline Presentation date
Long Thesis February 1st 5.-20. March
May 1st 5.-20. June
August 1st 5.-20. September
November 1st 5.-20. Desember

If the student fail to hand it in by the above mentioned deadline and the administration have not received an application for extending the deadline, it will result in the thesis being failed. Deadlines for approved extended deadlines are August 1st and February 1st. A long thesis should be approx. 100 pages (+/- 20 pages).

Short thesis

The short thesis (30 credits) should be executed the final semester of the master studies, after completing and passing all theoretical courses. During the process of writing a short thesis, the student should expect two hours a week of counseling. The short thesis has a duration of 17 weeks, as it has a fixed date for starting and completing. If the thesis is not completed within the deadline, it will be considered as fail.

  • In the spring semester, the thesis will normally be handed out (started) Monday in week 3, and submitted (completed) Monday in week 21. Final exam and presentation will take place in week 24 or 25. If May 1st or 17th falls on a Monday the year in question, the deadline will be extended according to this.
  • For the autumn semester, the thesis will normally be handed out(started) Monday in week 34, and submitted Monday in week 51. Final exam and presentation will take place in week 3 or 4.

In cases where there is a need for a different date of handing out the thesis, the student and supervisor can apply to the Department Board. The submission date will be adjusted accordingly.

A short thesis will be considered submitted when the print is handed according to the standards, or when submitted to The University Print Centre (Reprosentralen). Keep the receipt for documentation. A short thesis should be approx. 70 pages (+/- 20 pages). Part-time students and students that for various reasons are not able to fulfill the regular progression of the semester, are not encouraged to write a short thesis.

Data Protection

Notify project that will process personal data: http://www.nsd.uib.no/personvernombud/en/index.html If your materials are subject to a concession (i.e., contain personally identifiable data or sensitive information), you must follow the information from Norwegian Social Sciences Data Services (NSD). Note! If you need to enter into an agreement with the NSD, you are responsible both for doing this and also for informing the NSD when your Master's thesis is completed.


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