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Being a master's student at the Department of Informatics

There are many things to remember as a master student. Here you can find information for master's students at the Department of Informatics.

Start of studies 2021

First day for new master's students is August 18th. Here you can get an overview of the introductory week and how to prepare.

First year as a master's student

 All master's students must complete the introductory weeks in the first and second semesterHere you find an overview of the first year as a master's student.

Organizing your master's studies

Your master's studies consists of writing a thesis with the help of a supervisor and taking theoretical courses. Within the first semester you submit a study plan agreement where you organize your master's studies.

About the master's thesis

The master's thesis is a research report and can be long (60 ECTS) or short (30 ECTS). 

Towards the end of your master's

At the end of your master program, you submit your thesis and have a final exam consisting of a presentation and an oral assessment.