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Finishing the programme

At the end of your master program, you submit your thesis and have a final exam consisting of a presentation and an oral assessment.

See information about the corona situation for MN students.

Preparation for the master's exam

Before you can register for the master's exam the following must be done:

  • You have to pay the semester fee and be registered for the current semester
  • Theoretical curriculum should by general rule be completed and passed in the semester prior to the semester in which you finish your master's thesis.

Submitting the thesis

Your thesis must be submitted in two separate ways before the deadline: Upload the thesis in StudentWeb and in Inspera.

If you are registered correctly in Studentweb, you will receive a description by email before your deadline. It is your responsibility to make sure your registrations are in order, and to let us know if you notice a mistake.

Master presentations

The master presentations will be held physically this year, however should you need meet over Zoom this needs to be agreed by all parties. Read the procedures for digital exam and master presentations at UiO

Optional to print thesis

You hand in your master thesis on StudentWeb and Inspera. You shall not hand in printed copies to the administration, but you may print your thesis at Reprosentralen for your own usage. If you send in your thesis for printing, you must include the following codes:

  1. Budget code (tiltakskode): 102423076

  2. Location code (stedskode): 15150000

Useful links 

The following is important information about the process:

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