Disputation: Anna A. Zaytseva

M.Sc. Anna A. Zaytseva at the Department of Informatics will be defending her dissertation for the degree of Ph.D:

Mutual shaping between technologies and law. Memories of Norwegian e-health infrastructures

Time and place for the trial lecture

November 14, 2016 kl. 10:15, Kristen Nygaards sal (5370), Ole-Johan Dahls hus, Gaustadalleen 23B

Adjudication committee

  • Professor Yasmin Merali, Centre for Systems Studies, University of Hull, England
  • Associate Professor Emma Uprichard, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick, England
  • Professor Jens Kaasbøll, Department of informatics, University of Oslo, Norway


  • Professor Margunn Aanestad, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
  • Professor Sundeep Sahay, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
  • Associate Professor Sisse Finken, IT-university of Copenhagen

Chair of defence

Dag Langmyhr

More information

Press release


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