Disputation: Qihao Li

M.Sc. Qihao Li at the Department of Informatics will be defending his dissertation for the degree of PhD:

"Channel-Awareness and Dependability in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks"


Time and place for the trial lecture

March 25th,10:15 AM, 1416 Aud Smalltalk, Ole Johan Dahls hus, Gaustadalléen 23B


Adjudication committee

  • Professor Knut Øvsthus, Department of Electrical Engineering, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
  • Associate Professor Qi Zhang, Department of Engineering-Communication Systems, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Professor Pål Orten, Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo, Norway


  • Professor Josef Noll, Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo

  • Professor Michael Cheffena, Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 

Chair of defense

Petter Nielsen 

More information

Press release


Pernille Adine Nordby

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