HydroLab (avsluttet)

Om prosjektet

The Hydro-lab is a collaboration between StatoilHydro and the Department of Informatics. The goal of the collaboration is to educate Master students within those fields of informatics that are most relevant to the oil and gas industry, and so that the students also have some knowledge about petroleum and energy technology in general.

Because of the worlds need for energy and the environmental impact that most of the energy production today has, it is more important than ever to educate students that have the best knowledge about the technologies available to efficiently produce energy and at the same time minimize the effects on the environment.

Currently there are 11 students participating in this program. They can be coarsely divided into three groups:

  • Software engineering and data management

  • Microelectronics and communication

  • Signal processing

Publisert 6. juni 2013 12:25 - Sist endret 6. juni 2013 12:25