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SmartNEM: Smart Community Neighborhood - driven by energy informatics

About the project

SmartNEM is a joint project with University of Stavanger, Norway. The vision of the research is to exploit state-of-the-art ICT methods, tools and techniques for the future sustainable energy system  (this is what energy informatics is about). We have particular interest in the following technologies for efficient and secure energy systems:  fog computing, machine learning, data analytics, blockchain and software defined principles. We will develop new models and algorithms to provide the power grid operators with intelligent energy management with privacy preservation in local regions. The duration of the project is 2017 - 2022.  


Investigate an ICT driven decentralized grid infrastructure supported by prosumers. It would allow DSOs and TSOs to achieve community level grid reliability, peak shaving and secure supply. A fog computing based information intensive data hub, blockchain and machine/deep learning techniques will be utilized for creating a self-organizing and self-optimizing, integrated, secure and privacy preserving community energy management system.


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The project is funded by the EnergiX programme of the Research Council of Norway (RCN). The total budget is 25 MNOK including contribution from Statnett (the Norwegian TSO) and Lyse Energy. The project will employ a total of seven PhD scholars of which three will be employed by University of Oslo (UiO). 


University of Oslo, University of Stavanger,  Statnett (the Norwegian TSO), Lyse Energy, DNV-GL and the NCE Smart cluster of energy companies. The industry partners will offer industrial guidance to the PhD scholars.




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