(AI-based) Video Analysis and Processing

Interested in sport technology for videos used by elite leagues and live broadcasters?

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We have for long researched sports technology, both for distributing the video of live broadcasts and managing the archives in Norway and Sweden. We develop systems that are actively used and tested on real users, where the users can see highlights and summaries, get recommendations, collect favorite events, make personalized playlists, etc. However, there are a lot of open questions and issues to address like how to make

  • automated AI-based event detection systems
  • automated AI-based clipping systems
  • automated AI-based summarization systems
  • investigate gamification solutions for users

We collaborate with the leagues and elite clubs in Norway and Sweden, the football associations, Telenor, broadcasters, Forzasys (a streaming technology company), Telenor and several international partners.

Want to be part of our research group and improve the current systems? Contact us, and let’s see if we can find a thesis topic that matches your interests!

What do you learn:

  • video analysis
  • machine learning / AI
  • user studies
  • building systems 


  • Hard working, motivated
  • Interested in learning (the rest can be learned during the thesis work)

For more information, see for example:

  • https://highlights.eliteserien.no
  • https://highlights.allsvenskan.se
  • http://home.simula.no/~paalh/publications/files/ism2020-olav.pdf
  • https://forzasys.com/files/forzify-tagging-pluss-small.mp4
  • https://forzasys.com/Forzify.html

Michael Riegler <michael@simula.no>
Pål Halvorsen <paalh@simula.no> 


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